cbbrowne Computing Inc.

Here is the web home of cbbrowne Computing Inc.

cbbrowne Computing Inc. provides information services such as reviews of computer software running on the Linux platform.

This is a main release site for Slony-I Administration, a set of documentation on the "care and feeding" of Slony-I, a replication system for PostgreSQL. Chris is one of the main developers for Slony-I, and is pretty heavily involved with the use of PostgreSQL databases.

I publish a WordPress Blog with things that strike me as interesting; not heavily updated, but hopefully steadily updated...

Chris has been a presenter in a variety of venues, including:

There are also pages with several taxonomies of software available for Linux, including comprehensive lists of options in the following application areas:

Pointedly Linux-related stuff includes:

Being something of a language polyglot, Chris has several pages on different sorts of computer languages, including:

There's a sorta mobile site...