Slony-I DDL problem

Yay, I figured out the nature of the problem with the running of per-node DDL scripts on v2.0.

It’s fairly deep; there is something about the semantics of “local” execution that’s wrong.   Gonna need to pass this upstream to Jan for more input…

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  1. Actually, while it is a “deep” enough problem, the solution is not as worrisome as I had initially thought…

    The initial trouble was that we are running DDL in “local” mode (as opposed to “replication” or “origin”), and, in that case, the triggers set up to deny access (e.g. – to protect replicated tables against being accidentally updated) would fire, rejecting the updates.

    The easy answer is to modify the trigger function to detect that we are running in “local” mode, and accept the change, if that is the case, rather than failing.

    Some things aren’t as scary as they, at first, may seem!

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