Slony-I 2.0 fixes…

Apparently, it’s a good day to CVS COMMIT…

I was able to get fixes in to

  • fix testpartition
    The partitioning functions were still modelled on the “old” way that Slony-I 1.2 and earlier handled triggers on functions,  where they had to get dropped/re-added each time you run DDL.  Need to use New Scheme.
  • fix multipaths
    This code exercised code paths that showed off that there were a number of references left in the code to storenode_int(int,text,boolean), where, in 2.0, we’re dropping the boolean flag that was intended to indicate that the node was to be used as a log shipping source.

There are several tests that are not working, at present, in the 2.0 branch, notably (but possibly not “only”), that will be the targets of further work:

  • testddl
  • testlogship

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