nnn – a terminal-based file manager

nnn, findable at https://github.com/jarun/nnn, is a terminal-based file manager written in Go, which claims high performance and has a pretty flexible set of functionalities including:

  • Can spawn your favorite $VISUAL $EDITOR to edit files
  • Bookmarks (haven’t used)
  • Fuzzy searching for files
  • Pin frequently used files/directories
  • Mount and manage archives
  • Lots of plugins https://github.com/jarun/nnn/tree/master/plugins to extend its behaviour

I have, several times, scheduled tasks (taskwarrior!) to poke some more at nnn. It seems inevitable to not go anywhere.

Why that is finally occurred to me; the reason is that my workflow that would be most relevant to this takes place inside emacs, in the Dired mode.

There are some neat things in nnn, notably the fuzzy searching, which would lend itself to somewhat more nondeterministic searches for Files Of Interest. However, the learning curve of switching to a dramatically different tool is not to my taste.

If you’re one of the vi crowd, this may be to your taste; it seems interesting. (I was tempted enough to keep it lurking in my task list for a couple months.)