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Linux VARS

Christopher Browne

Table of Contents
1. Linux VARS (Value Added Resellers)
2. Vendor Lists
3. Server Vendors
4. Linux Rack Mounts
5. Vendors of (primarily) Desktop Systems
6. Vendors of "Thin Clients"
7. Vendors of IA-32 Systems
8. Specialists in Linux Systems Based on Non-IA-32 Architectures
9. International Vendors
10. XTerminals/Network Computer Hardware
11. Embedded Systems
12. Other Stuff...

1. Linux VARS (Value Added Resellers)

There is an increasing list of vendors that sell computer systems with Linux and other "free Unix variants" pre-installed. There is some tendancy for these vendors to be a little more sophisticated and knowledgeable than the members of their brethren that "just do Windoze." Some of these are specialists in Alpha -based systems.

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