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Linux Commercial Endeavors

Christopher Browne

Table of Contents
1. General Vendors
2. Vendors of Linux Distributions
3. System Software
4. Applications
5. Other Software
6. Documentation/Books
7. Games
8. Hardware
9. Consulting Groups/Service Providers
10. Linux Certification Programs
11. Other Linux Commercial Organizations

There is a steadily increasing number of producers of commercial software and hardware that runs under Linux. I also have some Non-Linux Commercial Computing Links, as well as a page outlining various Linux VARS, that is, vendors that sell computer systems with Linux preinstalled.


The set of vendors of Linux-related products is diverse, growing, and certainly in flux. This is the sort of information where it would be highly worthwhile to store vendor information in a database and allow collaborative updates.


Note that I have not been doing much maintenance of this material of late, and as a result, some material is very likely somewhat out of date.

1. General Vendors

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