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Table of Contents
1. Personal Financial Background
2. Linux-based Financial Software
3. CBB - Check Book Balancer
4. Other Personal Finance Packages for Linux
5. Free Tax Software
6. Proprietary Business Finance Software For Linux
7. Software for Investment Analysis
8. Free Software for Business Accounting
9. Vaprous Financial Software
10. Miscellaneous Financial Stuff For Linux
11. Other (non-Linux-based) Financial Software
12. Data Formats
13. Taxation
14. Other General Finance Stuff

This document collects links I have collected relating to financial software that runs on Linux. It also contains other information salient to taxation and finance.

1. Personal Financial Background

Due to having received a rather intense education in accounting, as well as several years experience in public accounting, I tend to "have some clue" in this area. Perhaps surprisingly, I have a degree of intellectual and academic interest in financial matters as well. I no longer have a great deal of "work interest", as I have been out of accounting as profession, since 1990, though accounting-related issues have the odd habit of emerging in computer systems used to manage business activities.

One might reasonably expect this to also imply that I have a certain degree of competence when I express opinions. Just keep in mind that I do not have any professionally recognized financial designation, and thus cannot express opinions that have any kind of legal weight according to the laws of either Canada or the United States. I cannot say In my professional opinion...

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