Mailman subscriber lists

Posted by cbbrowne
Feb 27 2013

As part of “due diligence” for some mailing lists I am involved with (for Slony, see slony-backups ), I discovered the need to dump out Mailman mailing list subscribers.

There is a script to do this, written in Python, mentioned on the Mailman wiki, accessible as

I’d kind of rather have something a bit more version-tracked, so I poked around at GitHub, and found larsks / mailman-subscribers

That was a little out of date; the last code was from a couple of years ago, so I forked, updated to the latest, and suggested that “larsks” pull it, which he did, quite quickly.

The “kudos” bit is that I noticed a bit of a blemish, in that the mailing list password was required to be on the command line, thereby making it visible to anyone with access to /usr/bin/ps on one’s system. I submitted a feature request, and Lars was so kind as to have this feature added so quickly that by the time I had the prototype of my Slony “subscriber backup” script working, I immediately needed to change it to make use of the lovely new password-in-file feature. Nice!

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