Subversion “deprecation”

Posted by cbbrowne
Oct 11 2011

I was a bit tickled by the characterization I saw today in the new Subversion release, describing the deprecation of version 1.5:

The Subversion 1.5.x line is no longer supported. This doesn't mean
that your 1.5 installation is doomed; if it works well and is all you
need, that's fine. "No longer supported" just means we've stopped
accepting bug reports against 1.5.x versions, and will not make any
more 1.5.x bugfix releases.

They aren’t telling us the world will end for anyone using version 1.5, just that they don’t intend to provide support anymore.

Which seems like a fine thing. Version 1.5 is 3 years old, and, when they seem to be releasing about a version per year (1.0 in 2004, 1.7 in 2011), 3 years of backwards support doesn’t seem dramatically insufficient. Particularly if, when support goes away, you’re not inherently doomed!

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