PostgreSQL 9.1 now available

Posted by cbbrowne
Sep 12 2011

Making for some reasonably good news on 9/11, the next version of PostgreSQL, version 9.1, has been released.

Major enhancements include:

Synchronous replication
continuing the enhancements to built-in WAL-based replication
Per-column collations
to support linguistically-correct sorting down to the column level
Unlogged tables
improving performance for the handling of ephemeral data (e.g. – such as caches)
K-Nearest-Neighbor Indexing
indexing on distances for geographical and text-search queries
Serialized Snapshot Isolation
implementing “true serializability”
Writable Common Table Expressions
recursive and similar queries can now update data
Security Enhanced Postgres
Similar to SE-Linux, providing Mandatory Access Controls for higher grade security
Foreign Data Wrappers
attach to other databases and data sources
managing deployment of additional database features

Many of these continue the trend of continuing to enhance features added in earlier versions (e.g. – synchronous replication, KNN, Writable CTEs)

Some introduce new kinds of functionality (e.g. – SE-Postgres, FDW, Extensions), where new seeds are sown, that we may expect to flower into further new features in future versions.

Work on version 9.2 continues apace; I’m particularly excited about Range Types, which weren’t quite ready for 9.1.

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