Spamalicious times

Hmmph. Google sent me a “nastygram” indicating that one of my blog entries had something suggestive of content injection.

I poked around, and it was by no means evident that it was really so. The one suspicious posting was which legitimately has some stuff that looks like labels, as it contains a bunch of sample SQL code. I’m suspicious that they’re accounting that as being evil…

But it pointed me at a couple of mostly-irritating things…

  1. I haven’t generated a blog entry since 2013. Well, I’m not actually hugely worried about that.
  2. I reviewed proposed response posts, since, probably about 2013. Wow, oh wow, was that ever spam-filled. Literally several thousand attempts to get me to publish various and sundry advertising links. It’s seriously a pain to get rid of them all, as I could only trim out about 150 at a time. And hopefully there weren’t many “real” proposed postings; it’s almost certain I’ll have thrown those away. (Of course, proposed postings about things I said in 2013… How relevant could it still be???)

Why do Macs get all the cool cases?

I recently had pointed out to me the BookBook case, specifically designed for MacBooks, which is a leather case that makes one’s MacBook look like a vintage piece of literature.

Well… A “distressed leather-covered book.”

Well… Perhaps it makes one look like an arrogant yuppie :-).  And maybe the word “distressed” ought to get applied to other things than just the cover of the book :-).

In any case, I took a somewhat similar approach in building a Moleskine iPod case for my iPod Touch. (Not using a real Moleskine, but rather one of the Moleskine-like notebooks that Google has been giving out scads of at conferences like PG East and PGCon over the last few years.)

Ironically, one of the stated selling points of the BookBook is that

Being individual and different is what Macs are all about…

Of course, it a lot of people buy this, then they’re specifically not being “individual and different.”  The more people that buy it, the less “individual and different” it gets.

I’d still like one, though not necessarily specifically for a MacBook.  There is likely the rub…

On the one hand, it strikes me as something of a “commercial loss” for the vendor not to sell it in sizes suited for other sorts of laptops.

On the other hand, they are a little pricey ($80 USD), and I suppose that there may not be a huge market for overpriced “too cool for school” cases for other sorts of laptops.  There’s some indication that MacFans are willing to buy up all sorts of ludicrously overpriced merchandise that others mayn’t be so willing to overpay for…

Awesome TShirt Idea

ThinkGeek carries lots of geeky T-shirts.

I am wearing the “No, I will not fix your computer” right now!

One that they ought to have is the IMHO one, perhaps with IMNSHO on the back.

That needs more development but seems like it ought to be able to become a subtly insulting product :-).